Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycle

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Whoo hoo, daylight savings time! I went to bed Saturday night thinking about how great it was that I would get to sleep in an extra hour. Ya right. I went to bed at a reasonable hour, got all comfy, and started to doze off and that’s when it happened… this blog post popped into my head. So much for my “extra hour” of sleep.

Plan, Do, Check, Act

Plan, Do, Check, Act Circular CycleBeing in the realm of the whole social media thing, I hear a lot about this strategy that usually starts with Plan, Do… That’s what popped into my head when I was dozing off – just those two words. As I started waking up I was thinking about my social media strategy – which is kinda so, so at best. When I read something about social media strategies it usually involves this plan, do, something, something cycle. So I grabbed my cell phone and researched what the rest of that cycle was and I found this…

Plan, Do Check, Act or PDCA is a 4-step method to control and monitor continuous improvement of a service or product. The steps involved are;

  • Plan – figure out the objectives and processes needed to get results
  • Do – put the plan into action
  • Check – track or measure the results and compare with what you hoped to achieve
  • Act – make adjustments to your plan and repeat the process

So I wrote down all the info I read and finally drifted off to sleep content that I’d stumbled onto something… well something that’s probably going to create more work for me this week. But hey, as a business owner more work is exactly what I need.

I started working on the Plan part of this cycle today and tomorrow I’ll write a blog post about it that will help you with your own plan.

Your Turn
I’d like to know – how many others out there have this same problem? You go to bed and get all comfy and there it is – something you need to do remember whether for work or personal. I’ve decided to start bringing my tablet to bed with me so I can capture my thoughts easier and more quickly. What do you d when a great idea interrupts your sleep?

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