Sand Country Services

Sand Country Services reached out to Social, Web Design & Marketing because we knew what needed to be done for our website but didn’t know how to make it happen within our company. We were looking for ways to reach out to additional customers online.

Social, Web Design & Marketing helped us by creating a search engine friendly website and by educating us on ways to further make our website visible across the internet.

Since working with Social, Web Design & Marketing we’ve seen an increase in customers due to the simple fact that more people are able to find out about business online.

Call Social, Web Design & Marketing and ask them to explain the different way which they can help your business.

Amazing Cleaning Services

Trying to run a successful business is not easy. With all the things you need nowadays to be competitive, you never have enough time to get it all done. At least I don’t have to worry about my website and everything that goes with it. Rose gives so much to making sure your website is on target for your business needs and to meet the needs of your customers. Ongoing website maintenance, security, and off-site backups are a few of the benefits I enjoy with her monthly ultimate support plan. Having gone through a few website builders in the past, I knew I hit the jackpot when I hired Social Web Dzine.

William Harriman
Amazing Cleaning Services

Dave’s Painting

When I first contacted Rose at Social, Web Design & Marketing I knew my company needed better exposure on the internet as well as a website that represented both of my brands.

After Rose built my website, I later decided to re-brand everything to just a single brand, Dave’s Painting. In the end, I have a great web presence. My customers have a place to find me, research me, and contact me, all in one place.

I would recommend Rose at Social, Web Design & Marketing and have many times. Many people imagine they can create their own website and run it and maintain it and run their business, I would imagine those business’s fail more often than not. If you need a website, you hire a designer. Rose is professional in her approach and well versed in her business. I’ve had many compliments on my website!

Dave Trauger
Dave's Painting

Graziano Gardens

Graziano Gardens approached Social Web Dzine because we wanted someone local, friendly and who could get our website current, operating and functioning the way we needed it. Rose redesigned our website making it mobile friendly and has exceeded our expectations when it comes to updates and keeping things current. We are so pleased to have someone who responds timely and effectively. I can’t say enough about this 3 year relationship we’ve had with Social Web Dzine. Our monthly maintenance with Rose, gives not only peace of mind, knowing things will get updated quickly, but is also very cost-effective for our small business that does not have time to take care of the wide-ranging needs of a website. Thank you, Rose! I would recommend Social Web Dzine to other companies who need quality, fast, and fairly priced web design and maintenance.

Shelly Christie
Graziano Gardens

Hope With Acupuncture

As a new startup business, I approached Social Web Dzine because I’d heard from other business owners that Rose had built websites for them and they were quite pleased with her work. Hope With Accupuncture was a brand new business and needed a website. Rose used the scarce ideas I had and create my website. She was very tolerant of my lack of knowledge and my not so clear ideas and used what I gave her to design a website that looks wonderful. After Rose’s thorough design process, I now have a beautiful website that is connected to my Facebook page which is easy to navigate and user friendly for my patients. During the birth of my website, one thing I particularly appreciated was Rose’s ability to be flexible and use my general ideas to create exactly what I wanted. Working with Social Web Dzine was very easy and even a bit enjoyable as I watch the birth of my business getting its legs. It was pretty cool. I would highly recommend Social Web Dzine for your website needs whether your business is just starting out or has been established for a long time.

Hope With Acupuncture


Because Rose is very active with the Waupaca Area Chamber of Commerce and has great connections I felt certain that she’d deliver a professional website for Gill’s Landing Bar.

I have very little computer and social media advertising knowledge but having access to Rose’s expertise and knowledge has been quite beneficial. Every day, I have people contact me and ask “how is Gill’s going” because they found the website online!

After getting the new website up and running, business started growing quite rapidly. Rose’s quick responses to all my questions has take a load off my mind. I can confidently leave matters of the website to Rose while I tend to the many other projects associated with starting a new business.

I highly recommend Social Web Dzine for your website and online social media needs whether you’re a new startup or been in business for a long time.

Howard Mattes

Waupaca County Fair

We have been extremely please with the new website development. This has increased our customer base significantly and has allowed us to make many changes to our business because the word is now getting out. The site is pleasing to the eye and very easy to navigate which pleases our customers.

One thing I liked was the dedication, professionalism and attention to detail. We found that Social Web Dzine went out of their way to create opportunities for us on our website to further help our business be successful.

I found the experience very rewarding and exciting for our business. We are now up-to-date and can properly market our business and draw in new customers.

I would recommend Social Web Dzine to other companies who need to create a fresh new look to attract new customers and create a very professional representation of their business. We are very happy.

Jeremy Schroeder
Waupaca County Fair

James Card

My website needed a makeover and Rose Fields helped me build a new one from scratch. Her technical expertise was invaluable in setting up the infrastructure and she guided me through basic tutorial to help me get the website up and running and tweaked to exactly how I wanted it. Rose is easy to work with and will walk you through the technical aspects of how your website works and functions.

James Card

Anastasia – Stevens Point

Perfectly Suited for Our Needs

Professionalism, transparency, and integrity were the key factors that led us to contact Social Web Dzine to build our website. Rose seemed like she would be easy to work with and take care of our needs. Her portfolio is very impressive and displayed on Social Web Dzine’s site and well, when you are hiring a company to do your website, you judge the company’s site. Social Web Dzine’s website is very nice. She has a variety of experience with various businesses, just what we were looking for to update our website and have a fresh new look for our re-brand and name change. Social Web Dzine helped our company by providing solutions to every question we had on our list, working with us from start to finish through consultation, phone calls, and emails, and continually checking in to make sure we are on the same page. Rose is extremely professional and communicative, always responding to our requests in a timely fashion. At the end of the project we have a sharp website that is easy to navigate and has all the vital information we want listed. I would recommend Social Web Dzine to other companies who need their first site, an update, or someone to manage their online presence and website.


Al – Waupaca

We were looking for someone local to design our website; the Waupaca Area Chamber referred us to Social Web Dzine. They helped us by building a great website and keeping it working properly, maintaining it and promptly updating it. The end result was a website that we do not have to take care of so we can concentrate on the other parts of our business. One thing I especially liked was the professional look that we could not have achieved on our own. Working with Rose at Social Web Dzine was easy and the project was completed quickly. I would recommend other companies to work with Social Web Dzine if they want a great website without the constant demands of keeping up a website.


Shawn – Annapolis, MD

Prompt and Professional Responses

I appreciate the work Rose from Social Web Dzine put into my website redesign. She not only listened to my goals for but also brought many great ideas to our discussions. Her prompt and professional responses were appreciated and kept me up-to-date on the stages of my project. I would strongly recommend anyone I know to use her services for any web design project.


Mickey – Waupaca

Thoroughly Impressed with the Quality of the Website’s Design

My name is Mickey Christian, owner of a small construction business. I met Rose through the Waupaca Area Chamber of Commerce, of which we are both members. Rose is a website designer and I was looking for ways to broaden the exposure that my business was receiving. Upon talking with Rose I became convinced that she was able to greatly expand my businesses exposure through a website.


Robin – Waupaca

Great Asset to Our Non-Profit

Rose designed our website for us from start to finish. The website we had previously was very dull and lifeless. Rose’s design and ingenuity is a great asset to our non-profit. I am very pleased with the quality of her work, the timeliness in which she gets things done, and her openess to new ideas. I would recommend Rose to anyone looking for a quality website designer.


Judy & Sue – Port Edwards

Highly Recommended

We had some definite ideas of what we wanted our church website to look like when we began the search for a site developer. Rose listened to our ideas; by the first time we met she had pulled up examples of sites that incorporated some of the ideas. Throughout the process, she worked up many examples and gave us choices to determine which appealed most. We were pretty fussy, but Rose never tried to talk us out of our ideas.

Judy & Sue

Sue – Wisconsin Rapids

Excellent Customer Service

Rose became the webmaster for our website in 2010 after she designed a website for John’s state assembly campaign. She is very easy to work with and always provides excellent customer service. Our original website was built using a website builder. It was a very standard, out-of-the box, cookie cutter type of website. Rose patiently worked with us on this website until we were ready to make the change to a fully customized website. We love the professional design and clean look of the new website.


Jeff – Waupaca

Easy to Work With!

Rose did an excellent job designing our mobile site to match the look and feel of our traditional site. She was easy to work with and had a design develop just days after our first meeting. Our organization was thrilled by the job Rose did on this project.


Shout It Out Online

Very Thorough and Helpful

Rose did a great job on my site. We had a webinar we were doing for a client and needed to put together a last minute sales page for our presentation. Rose was very quick to respond and got us exactly what we needed in a very short turnaround time. She is very thorough and helpful, and even made some additional updates to my site. I would definitely recommend her to others looking to get a website done right.

Should It Out Online

Debbie – Marshfield

Rewarding Partnership!

I started with Rose soon after purchasing my salon in hopes of creating a web page for the business that new and old clients found helpful and interesting. Because of this website clients have called and booked appointments with me. I feel it is important to ask new clients how they heard about the salon, and they always reply because of the web page. Offering a coupon is also helpful because you have proof of their visit to the web page.

I’m looking forward to working with Social Web Dzine in updating the website and expanding the informational content of it. This has been one of the best ways of advertising the salon that I have used. Looking forward to a rewarding partnership in the years to come.