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Amazing Cleaning Services ~ Wild Rose, WI

Color Scheme to Match Logo

Amazing Cleaning Services Responsive Website ScreenshotDuring our first meeting, Willie I asked him what color scheme he’d like to see on his website.He said, “Well, my business cards are black and white and I kind of would like my website to look like that too, but my last designer said that I couldn’t do that because it wouldn’t look right.”

So, I decided to show him just how good a black and white website could look! I did add in a dark red as a hightlight color but overall, the color scheme is primarily black/white just like he asked.

Elegant Image Slider

Black and white websites can either be dull and boring or sophisticated and classy. It all depends on the elements added to the website. The jQuery 3D slider, slice box was the perfect slider to give this website that classy, sophisticated look and feel.

Epanding the Content

The first website created for Amazing Cleaning Services was limited to 3 pages – this happens when you choose a do-it-yourself website builder or hire a company that builds a lot of websites using pre-built themes.

Willie was content to go with the basic three pages for home, services, and contact but I explained to him we could do a better job for his SEO by creating a page for each of his various services he was on-board with my ideas.

Since I use WordPress for all my websites, I never charge by the page; that’s just silly considering how easy it is to add more pages to any website.

Original Launch: 2013
Industry: Cleaning Services
Target Market: B2B & B2C
Location: Wild Rose, Wisconsin

Project Type: Website Design and Development

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