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The Background

Herb Schabo once ran a family farm complete with dairy cattle and many acres of crops. He eventually shut down most of the farm operations and turned to buying and selling used farm equipment.

Rose's uncle saw an ad in a local newspaper for farming equipment he was looking to purchase. He tried to find a website to learn more information but Dale Hay Farm's online presence was non-existent. Rose's uncle later contacted Social, Web Design & Marketing and passed this lead on as he felt Herb's farming equipment business would benefit greatly from an online marketing strategy.

dale hay farm responsive website dale wi

Project Brief

During our first meeting, Herb said he wanted a completely hands-off website he could turn over to someone else to manage for him. He showed me a print copy of an ad he runs regularly and requested that I create a website which matched the look and layout of his print advertising. His only other request was to use “John Deere colors”.

Our Approach

With future inventory and growth in mind the website was created to grow as new farm equipment was added to is inventory in order to be kept current and up-to-date. 

Functionality was implement to mark a piece of equipment as sold so it would no longer appear on the website but kept active so bookmarked links could be visited and customers could see items had been sold. This feature preserves the SEO performed on individual equipment pages while ensuring his inventory remained current. Emphasis was placed on site speed and image optimization in order to ensure the site loads quickly on multiple devices.

The Results

Sales have increased as a result of the new website. The website is a growing online marketing investment that delivers the results Herb needed in order to improve his marketing and gain new customers. New equipment is easily added to the website and sold equipment is easily marked. Interested buyers can easily find equipment they wish to purchase.

Original Launch: 2014
Industry: Farm Implement
Location: Dale, Wisconsin
Project Type: 
Website Design and Development

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"The website has greatly helped increase sales and has been an excellent addition to other marketing efforts."
Herb Schabo Dale Hay Farm Dale, WI
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