First Presbyterian Church ~ Winneconne

The Background

The First Presbyterian Church in Winneconne was formed in 1850. For well over one hundred fifty years it has served as a spiritual support for it’s community. With the arrival of their new pastor Reverend Rose, came a desire to update their church website to reflect the love and welcoming spirit of the church.

The Project Brief

Reverand Rose contacted Social, Web Design & Marketing to create a custom website design that would offer an easy to navigate user experience with features suited to their church's needs.

Our Approach

first presbyterian church responsive website

The church’s sermons are recorded during every service and uploaded to YouTube. To make them easily accessible to the congregation, these sermons were integrated into the website and displayed on both the Home page and a separate page dedicated as a sermon archive.

One of the most important features of this church website project was the easy-access feature navigation placed strategically in two locations. This navigation was first located on the home page with a tabbed image rotator. The tabs can be clicked to rotate through the images which can be clicked on to visit that page. This gave the home page a nice visual appeal and easy access to important navigation items. The second location was at the top of every page. Visitors to this website can easily see important infomation and navigate to those pages.

The Results

First Presbyterian Church's new website works perfectly cross-broswer and is easily accessible to the congregation as well as to potential visitors to the church.

Original Launch: 2017
Industry: Church
Location: Winneconne, Wisconsin

Project Type:
Website Design and Development

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