WDUX Radio ~ Waupaca

The Background

WDUX is a local radio station in Waupaca with both an AM and FM station. They play "The Best of Yesterday & Today, And your favorite sports!"

I connected with WDUX through the Waupaca Area Chamber of Commerce through their leads networking group. As we built a relationship through our twice monthly meetings, we had multiple discussions about WDUX's existing website and the frustrations they had with it.

The professional knowledge and expert advice which I've freely given whenever asked helped Jo'Lene from WDUX realize that Social, Web Design & Marketing could help their radio station build a customized website which would perfectly suite their needs.

The Project Brief

Their existing website was almost entirely picture based. Every page of the website had a picture created with text about the website instead of actual text on the pages. This made the website difficult to update but was also hurting their SEO ranking.

wdux radio

One of the requirements requested by the WDUX team was the ability to add a variety of new content throughout the website which would be frequently rotated.

Our Approach

Every website we design is responsive but with the WDUX Radio website, responsive design and fast loading time was especially important since many of their website visitors view the site on mobile devices.

During the discovery and research phase of the project we found several examples of radio station websites that didn't work and elements neither WDUX or we liked. It was difficult to find a good example of a well-designed radio station website. Instead we turned our focus to finding examples of features that appealed to both of us in the various website we found online.

At the end of our discovery process, we had an extensive list of features to implement into their new website. From this list, we built a wire-frame design which was present to the Jo'Lene and the WDUX team for review. After several rounds of revisions, the design was just right and and their wish list was beautifully incorporated into the design.

After the project was completed, WDUX decided to sign-up for our maintenance and security services. Since they perform their own content updates the website is constantly changing; ongoing performance monitoring of the website ensures these changes don't negatively impact the load time. 

The Results

The new website offers WDUX listeners and fans an excellent way to connect online with the radio station. A community calendar was implemented into the website and has proved to be a useful feature to keep website visitors up-to-date with local events. Local news stories, closings and cancellations, advertising spots, and many other features have made this website a valuable asset to not only WDUX but to everyone who has utilized it.

Original Launch: 2014
Industry: Radio
Location: Waupaca, Wisconsin
Project Type: 
Website Design and Development

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