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That’s a lot of stuff to choose from if you don’t know where to start!

What Website Design or Digital Marketing Services Are Best for You

Let’s make things easier for you with a few quick questions. Clicking an answer below will take you where you need to be for more information to get started.

Are you interested in a complete digital marketing package?

Yes- I need a complete digital marketing package!

Do you need a customized website for your business?

Yes – I need a custom website specific to my business branding

No – I just need a website that looks great and gets me started online

I don’t know – what is a “customized website”?


I’m not a veteran or a veteran’s organization – will you still work with me?

Working with our veterans is a passion we share with our founder, Rose Fields. Because we’re so passionate about working with veterans, we know we can successfully create solutions they need.

But we’ve also worked with many other business owners who aren’t veterans. Check out our Portfolio to see the other businesses and organizations we’ve worked with.

We like to work with clients who we feel we’ll be able to help reach the results they need. So if you’re not a veteran or veteran’s organization, we may still help you if we feel we’re a good match for your goals.

Do you really create websites for just $299? What’s the catch?


We’ve built several templates that are ready to go and will fit many different types of businesses. Since these templates are finished and ready for you to use as is, we don’t feel we need to charge extremely high prices for them.

There’s no catch! The websites are well-designed & coded to meet Google’s best practices, they load fast on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices, and they’re responsive which means they’ll look great no matter what you use to view them.

And, all our Business Builder websites come with a limited time offer of 50% off your first year of website hosting with us.

Can I upgrade my Business Builder website to a customized design?


We give you one year from the date you purchase your Business Builder website to upgrade to a customized website and discount the price you paid for the Business Builder website off the cost of your new customized website.

What can you change on a Business Builder website?

Business Builder websites are designed to be an easy to get started template. We want you to have a website that matches your company branding so we offer a few options you can change in your Business Builder website. Here’s the changes you can request:

  • colors
  • icons
  • remove un-needed sections

All Business Builder websites will also include your text and pictures.

Will you update text or pictures for my website after it’s been completed?


Just let us know what you need and we’ll give you an estimate of a one time charge to make the changes you need.

Will you handle on-going maintenance and security for my website?


We have a couple maintenance options available for you to choose from based on how often you want your website to be managed. Our options range from one-time updates to monthly managed services.

Contact us to discuss your website maintenance.

Who owns my website?

You own your website!

All websites whether they’re custom designed or a Business Builder website is owned by you once you’ve paid for the website to be completed.¬†We can help you set up your domain name which will be registered in your name.

Can I make updates and changes to my website?


Our websites are designed to be easy to update so you can add new text and pictures any time you want. We provide you with a login to the admin of your website and offer a tutorial to show you around the areas you can change and update.

How are payments handled?

We have different payment options depending on the services you request. All Business Builder websites are paid for immediately upon agreeing to our terms. Customized websites require 50% deposit with the balance being paid at the time of delivery. We also offer a website financing option to make your website more affordable in smaller payments. Our preferred method of payment is via credit card but we will take checks in some instances as well.

What is the timeline for building a website?

Check out our Project Timeline page to learn about the process we follow for creating customized websites.

Business Builder websites are ready in 3-5 business days depending on how soon you send the required information to us.

Other Questions?

Just fill out our Contact Form and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.