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Upcoming Workshops

These workshops are being offered free of charge through the New London and Manawa Chambers of Commerce. Please contact them for futher details about these workshops:

New London: 920-982-5822

Manawa: 920-596-2495

Social Media Roadmap

January: Pack the Trunk – Create a Social Media Strategy

Get started on the road to social media success by answering a few questions that’ll put you on the right road. This session will help you to start planning how you will use social media to effectively state and reach your goals. We will be discussing your objectives, your audience, and your topics to begin building a solid foundation for your success.

  • January 12 – 7:30 am New London
  • January 14 – 4:30 pm Manawa

February: Hitting the Highway – Destination Facebook

We’re all packed and ready to go and our first destination is Facebook. What do you need to do to effectively set up your Facebook page? Bring your laptop to this workshop as we’ll be walking through setting up your facebook page ground the ground up. If you aleady have a Facebook page this workshop may show you information to help you optimize your Facebook page for the search engines.

  • February 9 – 7:30 am New London
  • February 11 – 4:30 pm Manawa

March: Digging Deeper in to Facebook

We’ve covered alot of information about Facebook and will continue our Facebook journey in March. The topics we’ll be covering include:

  • Setting up your Service tab in Facebook
  • Exploring and understanding the Insights tab
  • Formula for determining the best time to post for you
  • Post scheduling tools

Join us on the following date:

  • March 8 – 7:30 am New London
  • March 10 – 4:30 pm Manawa

April: Get out The Camera – Instagram and Pinterest

Time to dig out your camera and take some pictures. Both Instagram and Pinterest are image driven social media sites; you may find one works better for you than the other. This workshop will show you how to set up both of these accounts and discuss topics such as hashtags and community engagement.

  • April 12 – 7:30 am New London
  • April 14 – 4:30 pm Manawa

May: Take Some Videos – YouTube

Video tells a story in a way that a still image can’t. This workshop will focus on getting your YouTube account set up for your business and the various section to optimize your YouTube channel and drive more traffic to your videos.

  • May 10 – 7:30 am New London
  • May 12: 4:30 pm Manawa

June: Checking the Oil – Engage, Plan, and Measure

Now that you’ve been out on the road for a bit let’s take a few minutes to stop and do a check-up. This workshop is going to walkthrough your analytics and insights on the various social media profiles you have set up. Know this vital information will help you better plan your social media strategy and understand how your connections engage with you.

  • June 9 – 4:30 pm Manawa
  • June 14 – 7:30 am New London

August: Rolling Down the Windows – Getting Personal On Facebook

Time to get some fresh air and get personal. Many people choose to keep their personal Facebook profile completely separate from their business/work life. This workshop will touch on some strategies that you can use to optimize your personal profile and use it to help you engage with people who are interested in your products and services.

  • August 9 – 7:30 am New London
  • August 11 – 4:30 pm Manawa

September: Staying in Touch – Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a simple, effective and affordable way to stay in touch with your customer or potential customers. This workshop will focus on 7 steps to launching your email marketing campaign.

  • September 8 – 4:30 pm Manawa
  • September 13 – 7:30 am New London

October: Coming Home for a Visit – Promoting Your Brand on Social Media During the Holidays

The holidays are busy – and when it comes to social media, they’re noisy as well. Everyone has something to promote about their business during the holiday seasons. This workshop will help you create some strategies for promoting your brand during the holiday season.

  • October 11 – 7:30 am New London
  • October 14 – 4:30 pm Manawa
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